Five Items To Pack Specially During a Removal

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When you relocate from one house to the next, you need to move all your personal belongings. While most of these items can simply be put on a truck and transported the normal way, there are a few items that you should think about twice.

Before your house removal, take these five special items into account.

1. Large furniture. Most furniture is moderately large, but some items are larger than others. Just consider your sectional sofa or your heirloom china cabinet. These items are not just heavy, but they can be difficult to maneuver properly. You need to have a plan for moving these items before the big day. Measure your door frames, hallways and any tight corners. In many cases, doors may have to be removed from the hinges, and you should check for an alternative path if the turns are too tight. If the item can be disassembled, consider taking the piece apart in order to prepare for the big day.

2. Musical instruments. Some musical instruments are small and easy enough to carry. However, for larger instruments, transportation can be difficult. Some items like pianos are very heavy, but all of these items require special care. Instruments do not hold up well when they get banged around. In order to preserve the integrity of the instrument, make accommodations in advance. Pianos pose particular challenges in this regard, which is why there are plenty of options for professional piano removals.

3. Fine artwork. Paintings may seem easy to move, but they are often very delicate. This is especially true if the item is on canvas. If such items are bumped or jostled during transit, then it is possible damage will occur. Damage to artwork can be nearly impossible to repair, and some of these items cannot be replaced. There are special packing tools that can be used to protect artwork during a removal process.

4. Glass or ceramic. In some cases, fragile frames or vases may have come in special packages. If you still have these packages, they can be sufficient for the move. However, if you do not have the original packaging, you will want to work extra hard to protect breakable items during a move. Common items that require protection include vases, picture frames, figurines, fine china and more. Even after these items are packed with plenty of padding, the boxes should always be labeled and set to the side. It is important to load these items in an especially secure location in order to optimize your chances for success.

5. Heat-sensitive items. Some items may not be fragile, but if they are heat-sensitive, then they could still be ruined during a removal. This is especially true with wax items. Wax melts when heated, which means candles are prone to damage during a removal on a hot day. Remember that the average moving truck does not have air conditioning in the trailer. If the move is of a significant distance during the warmer months, heat-sensitive items are probably going to be ruined.

These items all deserve special attention during your removal. If you are worried about handling any of these items, do not worry. A professional removalist will have the tools and experience necessary to make sure all your items are safely transported on moving day.

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