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Hiring a Removalist? Five Questions You Need to Ask

Hiring a Removalist? Five Questions You Need to Ask

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Using a removalist for your next move is a smart idea. A removalist can make your move as easy as possible. However, this is only true if you hire the right removalist.

With so many removalist companies in Sydney, how do you know which one to trust? The responsibility is on you to make sure you are picking a company that is reputable.

Therefore, before hiring any company for your move, here are five simple questions to ask.

1. Are you licensed and insured? Removalists are handling your personal belongings. This means you have to trust them. When a company wants to earn your trust, they will get the proper licensing and insurance. This may seem like nothing more than paperwork, but these factors mean that the company is committed to doing things the right way. If the company is willing to do tedious paperwork right, then they are probably willing to handle the tedious parts of your move right as well. Moreover, insurance protects your items in case something does go wrong during the process.

2. What are your rates? When comparing rates, be sure to look at how they are compiled. Some companies have package deals, which include service for a set period of time. Other companies may have an hourly fee. You will have to calculate the cost for your specific project. If possible, ask the company to provide a quote based on the specifications of your move.

3. Are there other fees? Make sure there are no hidden fees that you do not know about in advance. Some companies will charge for additional time, boxes, moving equipment, gas and more. There may also be overage charges or weekend rates. Ask the company to disclose all fees in advance. This is the only way to be confident that you know what the final price will be. A reputable company will happily disclose all fees, but the best companies will keep these additional fees to a minimum.

4. What services are included and what services are optional? As you think about prices, do not get completely preoccupied with the numbers. You have to consider the value those numbers provide. Some companies provide a lot of services with their normal rates. This means that you could be able to get free packing, loading and special packaging as part of your base cost. Other companies may section these services out as options. You will want to consider what services you want in order to see what the best value is.

5. Do you handle special items? If you have items that need special attention when you move, you should make sure the company can handle those items in advance. In some cases, heavy items like pianos or curio cabinets may require special equipment. Delicate items may also need special care while moving.

You should compare the answers the company provides against your needs. This is the best way to see which company is the right fit for your big move.

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